We are all privy to the problems of the systems. Seldom do we take charge to uproot those problems and establish a cleaner system for a sustainable tomorrow. Well, Gunilla is clearly not someone who’d sit back and let things fall in place with impurities. No wonder why this confident and courageous woman did and does what she does!

Gunilla F. Grimsgaard, the CEO of Orixe AS (formerly known as Secure Supply Chain AS), is a professional with more than 25 years of experience in software innovations and cybersecurity. She has been holding key positions in the development of BankID, mobile banking, and strategic projects within data security and management.

Seven years ago, she decided that she would put all her efforts into something that would contribute to building the society she wants to live in in the future. “When a friend of mine presented a problem with counterfeit parts in long complex value chains, I knew that I could fix it with IT and blockchain, and when I got to learn about the misfortunes that were hidden in dark supply chains – modern slavery, corruption and excessive pollution – I know that this is my mission and then Orixe was born,” Gunilla shares.

She grew up in a small town in Sweden where the population was not more than thirty thousand at that time. She was a kid with interest in active sports and she really enjoyed playing. She pursued her M. Sc. in Economics and continued to work for several conglomerates including Capgemini and Accenture. Her senior management roles were succeeded by CXO roles in Information Security, evidently reflecting her immense potential and growing career trajectory.

Her passion for the domain was so much so that she waited more than 25 years for Artificial Intelligence to boom. She founded Orixe to make an impact! Orixe AS was born in 2018. “The idea came as a response to an incident at the start of 2018 where a Norwegian company found out that a supplier of electronic parts they had been employing for several years had delivered parts with a fake certificate of origins,” Gunilla says. “The costs of righting the problem for both the company and the clients they were reselling to became so large the CEO decided something had to be done. After some consulting about possibilities for a system for control and regulation of products in the supply chain I decided to found Orixe to assess the challenges that modern supply chains face.

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